Hello world! Welcome to my journal. This is a place where I dump all of my productivity in procrastination. Yup, I procrastinate like crazy. Everyday, every minute, if I could shout the load at something, I’ll throw em right at you. When something didn’t pass my expectation, I mumble it. When someone treat me like crap or they act like a retard even thought they got that long line title behind their names, I curse like a true British. No offense, cause I am a fan of their ability to shout a long line of curse and doesn’t seems like they doing it. It’s like they shouting a poem. Long line of meaningful conversation means nothing but a thousands alternative craps sounding in British English with their captivating accent. Perfection.

Well, since this is my cup of procrastination, you know what to expect here. It will be my long lines of cursing on anything or anyone or whatever that makes me feel like “let’s get this fcuk out and be done with it”. I’ll be cursing, shouting craps, complaining and even throw on some hate comments on everything that I hate. Besides that, I might post some of my weird takes on my ranting about movies, clothing or fashion – as some other bloggers says – that I don’t really know anything about but got a little passion on finding the perfect outfit for myself. Maybe some traveling stories that I hope I’ll be embark on one day. Thus, don’t expect too much, since I only starts on figuring out how I would do all of this while juggling with the crazy life I had. Working 9 hours a day, dealing with my social anxiety, managing my free time – which is a lot, taking care of my mum – basically making sure she taking her medication, eat on time, not bragging to much, not go crazy collecting recycling materials (cause she’s so awesome she wanna help collecting paper and plastic based trash to give them out to people whose making money by buying and selling them to recycling company.

So, are you ready to follow my journey? To read all my dumb procrastination, my load of hate and curse? Cause, I think I’m ready to dump it all on this journal! Well, if you ready, hop on and go read em all out. I’ll be thankful if you stop by to read every post and hopefully could take something from them like new ideas, new point of view, a new way to curse, a better way to deal with things that I poorly did, or a way to kill me with your kind words on the comment section. Ciao!


De Agustino