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Do you ever watch a movie that you could relate  with the characters and the story, instantly? This indie movie did that to me. I stumble upon this one while browsing movie trailers a long time ago. I watch the trailers and immediately think I should watch the movie. It’s an old movie, but, here’s my review on The Giant Mechanical Man (2012.

About the Movie:

The Giant Mechanical Man, released in 2012, telling us story about Janice portrayed by Jenna Fischer, is a woman in her 30’s who still got no idea how to navigate adulthood. Janice having a hard time to finding and keeping a job, so she was evicted from her apartment cause she couldn’t pay the rent and forced to move in with her overbearing little sister, Jill played by Malin Akerman. And Tim (Messina), a devoted street artist who finds that shows as a silver-painted street performer don’t pay the bills even though he loves doing it and leads to a break up with his girlfriend.

They both quit the job, and end up working at local zoo. As Janice and Tim working together at the zoo, they slowly develop a lighthearted connection that evolves into quality friendship. They incidentally bump into each other a couple times away from work, and eventually end up going on a date. The date goes exceedingly well and they had a great connection. But, Janice’s sister, Jill spends most of the movie forcing relationship between her and Doug (Topher Grace), an egotistical self-help guru which Janice seems to have no interest.

While on a semi-forced date with Doug, Janice walks by Tim while he’s in his Mechanical Man costume and does not realize it is him. At this opportune moment, Doug has his arm around her and goes in for a kiss as they turn the corner out of Tim’s line of sight. Janice declines his advances but Tim, unfortunately, doesn’t see. Tim is very hurt and cuts off contact with her, which is confusing to her since she doesn’t know that he saw her and Doug together.

As she leaves a movie theater where Tim was supposed to join her and meet Jill, she sees the Giant Mechanical Man again, and takes the opportunity to confess her situation to him. As she continues talking, he reveals himself to be Tim, and they clasp hands as they face each other and smile.

The movie ending with short scenes appear  as the credits rolls, hinting a happy relationship between Janice and Tim.

My thoughts on the Movie :

I quite like the movie. To be honest, I love most of love story movies I have seen so far. Cause the genre just got something on me. But this one has a special place in my heart. I have watch the movie maybe five or even ten times since I got it, and I always mesmerize by the story. Every time.

This movie wasn’t that spectacular  in any way. It is a simple yet charming, kind of movie. I think the movie not just telling us a love story. It also touch the portrait of human life in the modern era of a big city. Big city full with people and chaos but they still feel empty, lonely and cold. Feeling lost, alienated, powerless. Not knowing what to do or what they want in their life. Those feelings that we, ourselves, sometimes or so many times trapped in.

Since the opening roll on, a scene bring out something that more likely happens in a big city. When Janice ask about the train to the nearest person but got no answer as they act busy looking at their watch, seems like they not even heard what she was saying because their headset was on.

Then there’s a scene when Janice talk to The Giant Mechanical Man, telling him “I feel like those people you were talking about. Like I was just born into this life, and I’m supposed to know what I’m doing. Like I supposed to have it all figured out. But, I don’t have it all figured out. I just feel… lost. “ I can’t get over this scene. I feel like this most of the time. When I’m walking in the shopping center or walking home from office, while seating on a cafe enjoying my ice latte alone. Even when I’m out with friends, sometimes this thoughts creeping in my head.

And there’s this one quote from the movies that I loved so much.

“It only takes just one person to make you feel special and valid and like you belong in the world.”

It sounds corny, stupid and all, but also true. Life could be cold, brutal, cramp, lonely, and empty. You may had thousands of friends, but, ninety-nine percent of them might not get you. Even the one close to you, sometimes don’t understand what you going through. When you found a few people or just someone who really gets you, appreciate and love you for who you really are with all your crazy baggage, it actually make sense. At least to me.

This movie is the definition of a sweet movie. I always been a big fan of the typical love story movies, but this one seems more believable to me. Usually the “good guys” are overly good and the “bad guys” seems way too horrible.While this did have a little of that this one is way more realistic. To me, this movie is more likely to be a real-life love story. This is a very sweet movie and the type of date movie that both men and women will enjoy. Overall, this movie is one of the better independent love stories I have seen.